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XtrmUs is a new generation of motion recording systems. It is trusted by outdoor athletes around the world to capture and track movements to extend the limits of their performance.
XtrmUs is your personal coach. It embeds a voice processor that provides you with real time audio feedback on parameters like speed, acceleration and more.
XtrmUs cares for your safety in everyday outdoor activities. When abnormal motion is detected XtrmUs broadcasts an emergency message over long range radio. It self-organizes an autonomous network with other XtrmUs devices improving safety on terrains with no GSM coverage.
XtrmUs is recommended for sports where precise analysis of motion makes the difference and where compromise on safety is not an option.


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Motion tracking

XtrmUs embeds a native set of sensors: multi constellation positioning (GPS, Gallileo, Glonas, Beidou), barometer and 9 axis inertial sensor.
XtrmUs synchronously analyses trajectory and body orientation in 3D space for high rate motion tracking. Position accuracy exceeds 2.5m and angular precision 0.1°.
The heart of XtrmUs is a powerful Cortex processor capable of monitoring all sensors 10 times per second. Motion data are stored in an internal SD readable through USB.
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XtrmUs acts as a safety beacon and broadcasts emergency data. It can exchange voice and data call with DMR compatible devices. It uses neighboring XtrmUs devices as a self organized network to expand the communication range and maximizes chances of rescue. No need for GSM coverage to keep in touch!
XtrmUs embeds a track&find interface with visual and audio feedback for navigation toward the emergency spot. Emergency calls traffic is logged for later event analysis.


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Xtrmus provides free access to community server to upload recorded data and store private data (up to 100Mo) with friendly analytic tools for log exploitation.
It provides a graphic representation of main parameters like altitude, speed, glide, distance etc. and a CESIUM® 3D cartographic projection with real time player.
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The XtrmUs project was born in 2018 after many brain-storming sessions with various personalities of the outdoor sports community.
In 2019, several prototypes of Wearable Electronic Flight Instruments System were developed and tested during wingsuit and paragliding flights. The XPilot was born!
While motion monitoring is fundamental to improve performance, the question of safety is vital. Indeed, most of our sports activities take place outdoor and inherently deal with a certain level of risk. That's why, since 2020 we have integrated emergency call as a central function of the XtrmUs system. The XtrmUs family welcomed the XSafe!
XtrmUs product line is commercially available.

The XtrmUs project

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